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Plant Stem Cell

Beyond plant power: Stem cell science blooms

Natural compounds are identified as secondary metabolites. Their production may be low in some naturally grown plants, depending on plant species, plant physiology, developmental stage, environmental factors, and location. Moreover, deforestation can lead to the extinction of some plant species. The plant metabolites from natural sources do not fulfill the requirements of people and industry. Also, the quality of plants grown naturally is difficult to control. Thus, in vitro cell culture offers a controlled platform for the production of secondary metabolites for pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, and cosmetics.

We are specialists in plant cell culture technology with more than 10 years of experience. All members of our team have a background in research. We have conducted research on plant tissue culture techniques for a long time. And we strongly believe that this platform provides efficient raw materials for industry. Products include dried plant cell extracts, and we also find the ultimate solutions to the requirements of clients. Now we are launching the company's first cosmetic ingredient, based on the plant cell culture technology called MirifiQ Stem Cell Extract.


Soil-grown plant (traditional)

Plant stem cell


Seasonal variation

10x more


Seasonal variation



Risk of contamination

No risk

Eco Impact

Heavy impact


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